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Hope Springs Eternal - an original art quilt by Gwyned Trefethen, Textile Artist

Hope Springs Eternal

30" H x 18" W
February 2006
Not available

The brochure for the Members's Biennial at the Trout Museum of Art, where Hope Springs Eternal was exhibited in 2013, states that "for the longest time fiber arts were always designated to the realm of craft, but have recently been rightfully considered to be that of fine art. Gwyned Trefethen's work is exemplary in demonstrating the complicated use of color, shape and design that goes into making fiber art. Also, notice how stitching can be used in the same manner as drawing to help inform the composition."




The promise of each impending season provides hope of future delights and a new perspective. The seasons are implied through their palettes from the shimmer of snow in winter to the hot sun and cooling water we seek in the summer. Seasons do not make abrupt changes from one day to the next. Instead there is a period of transition or instability when two seasons straddle each other. In order to capture the overlap each season has a fabric that is passed forward or back. Winter is depicted twice to signify the repetition of seasons from year to year. Detail from Hope Springs Eternal - an original art quilt by Gwyned Trefethen




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