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Snail Mail - an original art quilt by Gwyned Trefethen

Snail Mail

24” H x 24” W
August 2006
Not available

Snail Mail toured with the themed exhibit Doing Small Things with Great Love. It received a Judge's Merit Award from the judges who selected the work for the exhibit.


A friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and anticipating months of chemotherapy, requested that people send her weekly snail mail. That way each time she went to the mail she could anticipate support. My friend has made a full recovery. The experience was the impetus to set up The Power of the Quilt Project. PQP’s primary mission is to provide lap quilts for women undergoing chemotherapy.

Snail Mail was created as a reminder that taking the time to be with someone, even when you can’t be there in person, is the best gift of all.

Detail from Snail Mail - an original art quilt by Gwyned Trefethen




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