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Image of Siren's Song, an original design, by Gwyned Trefethen, Textiel Artist

Siren's Song

72" H x 56" W
November 2016



Leaning over the balcony of her ocean liner cabin the artist became mesmerized by the wake trailing the ship. The fluctuating patterns of swirling foam contrasting with the intense dappled greens of the sea created a Siren’s Song, begging for deeper study. Straightening up she was treated to a glorious sunset, as seductive as the ocean it was reflected in. Siren’s Song captures this experience using traditional blocks to create an abstraction of a photograph taken of the wake. Three different blocks, each playing homage to water through their names, were used. Intense free motion quilting designed to emulate foam and eddies completes the ocean illusion.


Detail image showing the quilting and prairie points in Siren's Song, an original design by Gwyned Trefethen, Textile Artist




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