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Poseidon's Lair is an orginal art quilt designed by Gwyned Trefethen, textile artist

Poseidon's Lair

48.5” H x 32" W
May 2011

Poseidon's Lair is on exhibit at the Art Alliance in Elk River, MN from February 2, 2015 through March 26, 2015.



An invitational to create a piece for Fiber Revolution's touring exhibition Fragmentations was the impetus for Poseidon's Lair. It is an amalgam of childhood fascinations with the passions of today's artist. Poseidon's Lair is an exploration of the Fibonacci Series through a nautilus shell, thread painting, free form curved piecing and the layering of textures and shapes. A detail from Poseidon's Lair, an original art quilt by Gwyned Trefethen, Textile Artist




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