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Gwyned Trefethen gives lectures, workshops and private lessons with humor, enthusiasm, and clear visuals in an easy going, but illuminating manner. Her students concur. Read their testimonials.

Trefethen's lectures and workshops are suitable for groups of all interests. She has given lectures to quilt guilds, business people, parishioners and seniors. The current cost to book Gwyned Trefethen for group or private contract is outlined at the bottom of this page.


Designs with Value explores the important role color and in particular value plays in the visual impact of a quilt. The lecture begins with a brief overview of color theory and then applies that theory against a slide retrospective of 20 years worth of Gwyned Trefethen’s quilts.

Group Advantage addresses the question, "why group?" It explores the "group" of design principles that when followed help produce riveting quilt art. Work from three different series created by Gwyned Trefethen is used to demonstrate design principles in action. This Power Point presentation provides a peek behind the making of Trefethen's intricate quilts, the design principles she uses and images of the quilts that result.

The SAQA Power Point Presentation represents recent work by many of the Professional Artist Members, including Gwyned Trefethen, who belong to Studio Art Quilts Associates. SAQA is an international organization whose mission is to have the art quilt seen by all as a fine art medium. Yvonne Porcella founded SAQA in 1989. Katie Pasquini Masopust was its president for many years and Karey Bresenhan, executive director of the International Quilt Festival in Houston is just one of the luminaries who sit on the Board. See what this talented group has been doing and hear what they have to say about their quilts. A portion of the lecture fee will be donated to SAQA.


Color Theory 101 can be taken as a full or half-day workshop. Students will develop a comfort level with color through hands on exercises using fabric scraps, colored pencils and construction paper. Students of all abilities from beginner to seasoned are encouraged to sign up. No sewing required.

Divine Design gives students the tools to analyze art with an eye to understanding why a piece works or perhaps doesn’t. Students will be guided through a series of exercises to internalize basic design principles. The lessons learned will be applied through critique of artwork and quilts, including quilts students have brought to the workshop. No sewing is required in this full day workshop.

Time Matters is a half-day workshop designed to help students determine what their goals are, then break down those goals into manageable steps. The workshop demonstrates how to shift from putting out fires, to enjoying the bounty life has to offer. Gwyned Trefethen is frequently asked, "How do you find time to quilt?" Time Matters is her answer.

Private Lessons

Machine Quilting: Have you made tops that are hidden away because machine quilting scares you? Then this is the class for you. It takes the fear out of machine quilting. Develop a comfort level with many styles of machine quilting from stitch in the ditch to free motion quilting. Learn what needles to use and tips for using tricky threads. Find out how to match the quilting style to the quilt.

How to Make an Art Quilt: How do you do it? How do you go from making traditional quilts to making art quilts? This twelve lesson course gives you the tools to make the transition. It is designed for the intermediate to advanced level quilter who has the basics of quilting down but is uncertain on how to translate the quilts of her imaginings to art quilts of reality.

Anything Goes: If there is something that you want to learn, such as confidence with fabric selection, the intricacies of binding or drafting blocks, just ask. Chances are a class can be developed that suits your needs.



Your color wheel presentation (Designs with Value) at the meeting was wonderful. Many quilters have trouble with the color wheel, but you made it easy to understand. The whole lecture was well thought out and extremely well organized.

Patricia, Corresponding Secretary for Quilt North


Thank you VERY much for presenting such a great lecture (Designs with Value) and incredibly fun workshop (Color Theory 101) for the Wayside Quilters! We’ve already gotten great feedback and we expect to see Gwyned influenced quilts at our next show…

Carol & Marilyn (Co-Chairs of Programs for Wayside Quilters, Sudbury, MA)


I thought your presentation (Time Matters) seminar held at the SAQA Conference in Athens, OH) was terrific. It was personal, but focused on the attendees. It made procrastination understandable. And it gave us all a roadmap to follow. All that in a short time...great job.

Penny McMorris



Lecture $375
Half-day Workshop $300
Full Day Workshop $500
Private Lesson/ 2 hour class $50

There are additional charges for travel, meal allowances and lodging that will be negotiated along with each contract. Workshops are limited to 15. There is an additional fee of $20/student in excess of 15. Prices listed on this site stand through events taking place prior to January 1, 2012. Prices may vary for bookings after January 1, 2012.

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